Bohdan T.

I liked the course. The lecturer explained everything clearly

Abate Sewagegn

the language is hard but the way of the persentation was intersting.

Юлiя Б.


Anil prasad

Great experience and very friendly way of teaching.

Chenjelani Mwale

It was an interesting course to undertake and the lecturer was wonderful. It has given me some good basics which I need to stregthen by practicing with the native speakers of the Czech language.
I would encourage all those at A0 in Czech language to do a course like this one.

Rostislav P.

velmi dobrý úvodní kurz pro cizince v česku.

Ahmet C.


Jack A.

Excellent teacher, made everything easy to understand.

Světlana Pokorná

Děkuji moc! Velmi je užitečný kurz!

Koždoň Sandra

Skvělé vysvětlení 😃